Trousers NOYA

Our elegant linen trousers with high waist end just above the ankles and are slightly folded at the bottom. The fabric is firm but also airy and it can be combined with both a soft blouse and a light sweater. It creates a perfect model in combination with our short NIABI top and the NAYELI jacket. The accessory is one pearl button.

Material composition: 45% linen, 15% cotton, 22% viscose, 18% sorona

This is an exceptional fabric made of a blend of Linen, Viscose, Sorona, and Cotton. If you’ve never heard of Sorona, this is an amazing yarn produced by the DuPont company. It has a minimum of 37% raw materials from renewable plant-based ingredients. It is soft, strong and it has stretch.
Sorona fabrics are the most revolutionary substances produced in 60 years from biological raw materials. They are produced ecologically efficiently and therefore support a sustainable idea. They are exceptionally soft, flexible, light, breathable and quick-drying. This fabric mixture is 100% recyclable.
Maintenance: Wash at 30 ° C, do not tumble dry, iron to medium level (150 ° C)
Certification: OEKO- TE


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