Brand´s Philosophy

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Natural | Ethical | Considerate

  • The WhiteSage company was founded in 2019 with the goal to cooperate with craftsmen in a wide range of fields and to create small and carefully made collections which express the quality, pride and skills of handmade creations.

  • We cooperate with independent craftsmen, small local sewing workshops and, last but not least, with sheltered workshops. We always aim for production without waste.

  • We put our greatest emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices, we decided to use only natural materials and to produce in small numbers to minimize the waste.

  • We create pieces that last a lifetime and we vindicate a thoughtful and conscious consumption. We return the production back to the hands of experienced craftsmen and women.Relaxed, comfortable, soft and sensual models that are made with a necessary elegance. They are designed to be timeless and seasonless, to be worn year after year.


White Sage s.r.o.

IČO: 079231180

e-mail: info@whitesage.com